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Junimperium Winter Edition Gin
Junimperium Winter Edition Gin

Junimperium Winter Edition Gin

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The Winter Edition Gin, which is defined by a rare warm and spicy, yet bittersweet, taste unique in its complexity, is carefully blended from the world’s best junipers, coriander, angelica, vanilla, cassia bark, cardamom, and bitter orange. And thereafter flavoured with an unfiltered lingonberry infusion.



43% ALC. / 700 ML (Price per liter: 61,29 EUR) 

Legal notice:

Must be legal drinking age! This product contains alcohol and may not be sold to persons under the legal minimum age. Delivery to people under the legal age (18 years) is not possible. With your order you confirm that you are of the legal minimum age. Please be responsible when handling this item. Further information can be found at


Producer: Junimperium Distillery OÜ, Estonia

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